Friday, July 11, 2014

Helping Hands International (best MLM Ever) ...

Helping Hands International is a Japan Based charity organization that is involved in charity organization, and hence they have expanded their horizon by moving down to Africa (Nigeria). With their unbeatable compensation plan, we all will experience an MLM no never before. THIS IS NO BOARD SYSTEM! NO BREAK AWAY !! NO SPLITTING !!!. COMPENSATION PLAN Our Unbeatable compensation plan is a Forced 2x 2 and 2 x 5 Matrix marketing System, where every member is required to refer 2 members each, every additional sign ups(referrals) will cause a spill over making the matrix to fill faster. It is a follow me matrix with spill over and spill under effect. With our innovative marketing plan members earn in 5 different stages and as they progress from stage to stage they earn and get life changing rewards Entry fee is a onetime payment of $40, sponsorship bonus of 20% is paid to members who refer any paid member, that is to say $8 is paid to anyone who signs up another with his referral link. Members can refer as many new members as they can, by so doing they earn more money and it also help to cause a spill over in their network. This compensation plan consist of 5 stages of payment, stage one is a 2 x 2 feeder matrix, stage 2,3, 4 is 2 x 5 matrix and lastly stage 5 is another 2 x 2. THIS IS NO BOARD SYSTEM! NO BREAK AWAY !! NO SPLITTING !!!. It is simply a forced matrix which has a spill over and spill under effect. The 5 stages are; Stage 1 is called ASSOCIATE Stage 2 is called MASTER Stage 3 is called SUPER MASTER Stage 4 is called MINISTER And Stage 5 is called PRIME MINISTER Stage 1 - Associate ASSOCIATE is a 2 x 2 matrix which serves as a feeder matrix, feeding stage 2 to stage 5 of this compensation plan. when the 2 x 2 get filled, You automatically promoted to stage 2 likewise everybody on the board, once their matrix is filled they get promoted to stage 2 which is a 2 x 5 matrix and they are paid as they progress. A referral bonus of $16 is paid for introducing 2 or $48 for introducing 6 new members, Plus matrix bonus of $10 paid when the 2 x 2 matrix get filled. So you earn either $26 or $58 as the case nay be. Every member start their own matrix occupying the top position, even if they are part of their up line's matrix. REFERRAL BONUS(FOR 2) == $ 16 Stage 1 MATRIX BONUS == $10 Total bonus paid in stage 1= $26 Stage 2 - Masters Matrix. This is the first 2 x 5 matrix and everybody here must have passed through the feeder matrix – the ASSOCIATE stage. And because it is a follow me matrix, anybody underneath you in your matrix can jump from under to cause a spill under to fill till the up-uplink matrix; Stage 2 matrix bonus is $1000 cash, earnings paid from level 1-5 of matrix Stage – Level 1 = Nil Level 2---- $100, Level 3 – 200$, Level 4 = $300 Level 5 - $400 Total MATRIX BONUS = $1000 Additional incentives when the matrix is filled, A LAPTOP. A CUG PHONE - on process with a reliable Telecommunication company 10% Matching bonus to uplink As you get promoted to stage3. Since matrix bonus paid out when stage2 filled up is $1000, Your uplink gets 10% ($100) simultamously. Stage 3 – Super Masters Matrix This is the second 2 x 5 matrix, as you complete stage 2, stage 3 is formed with you on top starting the 2 x 5 matrix. The matrix bonus paid out in this stage is $3000 breaking down into – $200 in level1 $300 in level2 $500 in level 3 $500 – level4 $1500 – level 5 MATRIX BONUS TOTAL = $3,000 A total of $3000 is paid out in this stage, and as this is happening your position is automatically changed to occupy the top position of stage4. You will be paid $3000 matrix bonus, while your uplink gets $150 - 5% matching bonus Additional Incentives: 1st brand new car (Hyundai)-- $10,000 Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each) ---- $2,000. 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ---- $150 Stage 4- Minister This is the last stage of 2 x 5 matrix, you are positioned here, starting from the top of the matrix, the matrix get filled downward from level1to level 5 and as each level gets filled you are paid from level to level causing cash flow for you and others. The matrix bonus here is $6000, $3000 paid from level 1-4 and the balance of $4000 is paid when the matrix is completed. What a cash generating system! Here is the levels breakdown; Level 1 = $300 Level 2 = $300 Level 3 = $500 Level 4 = $900 Level 5 = $4000 TOTAL = $6,000 Matching bonus of 5% =$300 is paid to uplink automatically. Additional Incentives: Executive car (Hyundai Jeep) --- over $27,000 Empowerment for 1 Motherless Home Interest FREE Loan (up to $12,000) – on request 5% Matching Bonus to uplink --- $ 300. Stage 5 – Prime Minister This is the last stage of our compensation plan and it's a 2 x 2 forced matrix with a spill over and spill under, when you completes stage4, you are promoted to start this 2 x 2 matrix with you on top. The bonus in this stage is $12,000 and its paid in 2 levels: Level 1 = $2,000 Level 2 = $ 10,000 Total = $12,000 5% matching bonus of $600 is paid to up link. Additional Incentives Housing fund -$40,000. All Expense paid Int'l Trip Educational Fund ( $2,000.) Yearly Infinity Bonus ($5,000). 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600). Elite Club members Loan (Up to 44,000) You earn and collect the incentives above over and over and over again as you complete each re-entry. (reentry fee = $500) Here, immediately the Prime Minister's matrix is completed, YOU are re-entered again into stage 5 Matrix, a re-entry fee of $500 is automatically deducted from your earnings to position you for another round of payment, incentives, plus qualify for more benefits. You will need another 6 followers to collect another round of entitlement. Now each time you emerged as a "Prime Minister" after completing the matrix, You are automatically re-entered back into the existing stage 5 matrix with 3 existing members on it. You come under from the left hand side as number 4 on the 2nd level of the matrix (your downlinks), whereas on your dashboard you are on top of your matrix with 2 stars **, indicating 2nd tenure on Prime Minister's stage (Bleep-3stars- indicating 3rdtenure) until you have 6 stars(******) To get involved successfully, please call 08138975949 or for more info please visit

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