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Networking, is one of the best way to make money online. In fact, it is one of the most Surest, Safest way to make lot of money online. Some of the Top Richest people in the world right now, are Networks. They made their money from Networking. Though networking is a good way to make money but it requires hard work. You need to understand it and plan towards achieving your goal on the program. Another thing that makes it one of the best way to make money is, your hard work now will continue earning you money for life. Networking Income is Passive, its like pension. One of the best ( if not the best ) networking program online right now is HELPINGHANDSINTERNATIONAL. It offers lot of benefits and i will say it is a sin if one miss the program. For one to get these benefits, one need to work hard. Opening or creating lot of accounts won't get you to the top, you need to advertise and bring new members in. Its good that members can only have maximum of two downlines directly placed under them. This makes things easy especially for Uplines that are helping their downlines. HelpingHandsinternational requires all members to bring in just two new members but there are some who really hate the idea of referring people into programs. So,its advisable not to wait for your downlines to get two each if you want to move fast. Continue bringing new members in. There are lot of gains in this. You will be placing two new members under each of your downlines and this will move you up to higher Stages on time. And you will also earn Instant Commission of $8 ( N1,320 ) on each of the new members you brought in. More earnings / income / commission will also come as they complete their : Stage Two --------------------------------- $100 ( N16,500 ) Stage Three --------------------------------- $150 ( N24,750 ) Stage Four --------------------------------- $300 ( N49,500 ) Stage Five --------------------------------- $3,600 ( N594,000 ) Stage Five will be completed Six Times. So, you will get paid six times for the new member. For each new member you brought in, you will earn Total - $4,150 ( N684,750 ). It is also necessary to bring in new members, because without having at least four personally brought in downlines, you won't be qualified to reach the Trustee or Director Stage. This is the Stage if you get to, you can decide not to work again in life. You will be receiving thousands upon thousands of dollars as pension every year. Without doing anything, the money you will be getting will sustain you and your family. So, its necessary you try all you can to reach this Stage. Getting to this stage is not easy. You can't do it all alone. You need to work as a team. To reach this stage, Millions of Down-lines are needed. One person cannot do this. Its possible to rely on your Up-line but the Up-line cannot get you to Trustee or Director Stage. Everyone the Up-line brings in, will be his or her direct down-lines or personally sponsored down-lines. Relying only on your Up-line will make things slow because he will be the only one doing all the work. And if your Up-line is not actively promoting the program, you will not move from Stage One and you will earn nothing. Having an active Up-line do help and being able to bring in new people yourself helps more. I need you to join me. Let's combine resources and work towards making it a success. The program is having Five Stages which are : A. STAGE ONE ( ASSOCIATE ) B. STAGE TWO ( MASTER ) C. STAGE THREE ( SUPER MASTER ) D. STAGE FOUR ( MINSTER ) E. STAGE FIVE ( PRIME MINISTER ) Let me explain Each Stage / Downlines Needed / Earnings : A. STAGE ONE ( ASSOCIATE ) This is a 2 X 2 matrix. This means maximum of Two Members will be placed directly under you and is having Two Levels. This Stage requires Total of Six Downlines which may come directly from you or your Sponsor. You can only have Two Directly Placed under you. Those Two will also have Two each placed under them, making Six Downlines. If you join & bring in Mr A and Mr B ------------------------------ Level One Your job is done. Tell Mr A to bring in his own two, same with Mr B. When Mr A invite Mr C and Mr D & Mr B invite Mr E and Mr F You as the leader will move to Stage Two. You have gotten Six Downlines. Two direct and Four indirect downlines. Mr C / D / E / F ------------------------------- Your Second Level In my case, i did not stop at Two Downlines, i am still bringing in new members in order to help everyone under me. Many had joined me in Stage Two without doing anything at all. I have been looking for a program that will allow me help many people make money online, HelpingHands INT offers that. Its very easy for me because i only need to be placing just two new members under each of my downlines. As i am helping them, i will be moving up ----------------- moving to higher Stages. If you can promote or bring in new members, you can bring in as many as possible. You shouldn't stop at Two. The more people you invite, the more your earnings. STAGE ONE EARNINGS : Stage One Matrix Completion Bonus ------------------------ $10 This is what you get for completing the Stage with total of Six Downlines. Instant Referring or Sponsoring Commssion for each Member referred ---------------- $8 ( N1,320 ) If you referred or sponsored more than one new member out of the Six Downlines needed to complete Stage One, just multiply the number of new member brought in with $8. The result will be your Total Sponsoring or Referring Commission. Whatever you get from that, add the Stage One Bonus of $10 to it. This will be your Total Stage One Earnings when you complete it or its filled up. You will continue earning instantly $8 if you continue referring or sponsoring new members into the program no matter the Stage you are in. But what you won't get is another Stage One Bonus of $10. You get that once per each account you own, that is when the Stage One is completed. You will also earn more when the new members you brought in complete their Stages starting from Stage Two to Stage Five : Stage Two --------------------------------- $100 ( N16,500 ) Stage Three --------------------------------- $150 ( N24,750 ) Stage Four --------------------------------- $300 ( N49,500 ) Stage Five --------------------------------- $3,600 ( N594,000 ) Total = $4,150 ( N684,750 ) Multiply the earnings with the number of new member you can invite in. B. STAGE TWO ( MASTER ) This is a 2 X 5 Matrix, meaning, you can only have maximum of two Downlines placed directly under you and is having Five Levels. The stage requires Sixty - Two Downlines who must have Filled up / Completed / Passed through Stage One. These Sixty-Two Downlines will come from your Upline as Spillover ( Remember, we can only have two people placed directly under us. This applies to all Stages in this program ) and from the new members you already brought in, in your Stage One and those you will be bringing in ( If you are promoting the program & bringing in new people ). The whole Sixty - Two ( 62 ) downlines can be completed without you bringing anyone in but like i mentioned earlier, it depends on you being in an active team or having active Upline. Your sponsor / Upline must help you here because your progress is also his or her progress. When you move up, you will be pushing your sponsor up. So he or she must try to get downlines under you on each Stage. The new members you brought in or placed under you in Stage One will also fill your Stage Two because they too will want to move up with you, same with those they brought in or placed under them. Its much more profitable to get new members in yourself. Bring in your Family, Friends, Church Members, Neighbors, Co-workers etc . There is no IP Address restriction. You can register using the same computer or system. You can even create / register more than one account for yourself using the same Name / Address / E-mail / Payment Account. More accounts, more money and benefits. You shouldn't depend entirely on your Upline. Though your Upline can help you but it may take time for you to move up. You know he or she will be working to help everyone under him or her. It may take time to get to your turn. Try to work for yourself and move fast. STAGE TWO EARNINGS ON EACH LEVEL / INCENTIVES / DOWNLINES NEEDED : Here, you don't have to fill or complete the Stage before you earn money like Stage One. You will be earning Level by Level, that is when you have certain number of people placed under you. Two Placed Under You ( Two Downlines. You earn nothing here ) = $0 ------------ Level One Two Placed Under Each of The First Two Placed Under You ( Four Downlines ) = $100 ------ Level Two Two Placed Under Each of The Four Downlines ( Eight Downlines ) = $200 ------------ Level Three Two Placed Under Each of The Eight Downlines ( Sixteen Downlines ) = $300 --------- Level Four Two Placed Under Each of The Sixteen Downlines ( Thirty-Two Downlines ) = $400 ----- Level Five Add the number of Downlines on each Levels, it will amount to Sixty - Two in Total. 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 = 62 Downlines. Total Earning in this Stage Two = $1000 It will be much easier to complete or fill this Stage if you bring in two new members and each of this two new members, bring in two new members of theirs. Same with those they will bring in and so on. Things will move a lot faster. We all need just two new members which we can get among our Family, Friends, Church Members, Co-workers etc. It is advisable not to wait for those you brought in to bring in their own two new members, do it for them if you can. Continue bringing in new members, They will be fixed under those downlines that are not working but you will get the Instant Referring or Sponsoring Commission of $8 ( N1,320 ) for each of them and more when they complete their Stage Two / Stage Three / Stage Four / Stage Five. OTHER INCENTIVES FOR STAGE TWO : i. An Apple Laptop or Apple Ipad ii. A Cug Phone iii. 10% of your $1000 Total Stage Two Earning is paid to your Sponsor / Upline ---------- $100. C. STAGE THREE ( SUPER MASTER ) This is also 2 X 5 Matrix. Meaning, maximum of two members placed directly under you and is having Five Levels. This Stage requires Sixty - Two Downlines who must have Filled up / Completed / Passed Through STAGE TWO. STAGE THREE EARNINGS ON EACH LEVEL & INCENTIVES : Here, you will be earning starting from Level One unlike Stage Two. Two Placed Under You ( Two Downlines) = $200 ------------ Level One Two Placed Under Each of The First Two Placed Under You ( Four Downlines ) = $300 ------ Level Two Two Placed Under Each of The Four Downlines ( Eight Downlines ) = $500 ------------ Level Three Two Placed Under Each of The Eight Downlines ( Sixteen Downlines ) = $500 --------- Level Four Two Placed Under Each of The Sixteen Downlines ( Thirty-Two Downlines ) = $1,500 ----- Level Five Total Earning in this Stage Three = $3,000 OTHER INCENTIVES FOR STAGE THREE : i. Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model Saloon Car Worth N3,000,000 ( Three Million Naira ) plus ii. Trade & Skill Acquisition ( You can apply to be sponsored for any training you want to undergo ) iii. Empowerment for Two People recommended by You ( They will be given $1000 ( N165,000 ) ) each. iv. 5% of your $3000 Total Stage Three Earning Will Be paid to your Sponsor ------ $150 D. STAGE FOUR ( MINISTER ) Another 2 X 5 Matrix. Maximum of two members will be placed directly under you and is having Five Levels. It also requires Sixty-Two Downlines who must have Filled up / Completed / Passed Through Stage Three. STAGE FOUR EARNINGS ON EACH LEVEL & INCENTIVES : Two Placed Under You ( Two Downlines) = $300 ------------ Level One Two Placed Under Each of The First Two Placed Under You ( Four Downlines ) = $300 ------ Level Two Two Placed Under Each of The Four Downlines ( Eight Downlines ) = $500 ------------ Level Three Two Placed Under Each of The Eight Downlines ( Sixteen Downlines ) = $900 --------- Level Four Two Placed Under Each of The Sixteen Downlines ( Thirty-Two Downlines ) = $4,000 ----- Level Five Total Earning in this Stage Four = $6,000 OTHER INCENTIVES FOR STAGE FOUR : i. Brand New Hyundai Executive Jeep Worth N5,000,000 ( Five Million Naira ) plus ii. Empowerment For One Motherless Home ( They will be given money etc for a year on your behalf ) iii. Interest Free Loan Up to $12,000 iv. 5% of your $6000 Total Stage Four Earning Will Be Paid To Your Sponsor ------ $300 E. STAGE FIVE ( PRIME MINISTER ) This is 2 X 2 Matrix. This means you can only have maximum of two downlines placed directly under you and its having Two Levels. This Stage requires Six Downlines who must have Filled up / Completed / Passed Through Stage Four. STAGE FIVE EARNINGS ON EACH LEVEL & INCENTIVES : Two Placed Under You ( Two Downlines) = $2,000 ------------ Level One Two Placed Under Each of The First Two Placed Under You ( Four Downlines ) = $10,000 ------ Level Two Total Earning in this Stage Five = $12,000 OTHER INCENTIVES FOR STAGE FIVE : i. Housing Fund = $44,000 ii. All Expense Paid International Trip To Any Country Of Your Choice iii. Education Fund For Two Of Your Kids ( $1,000 Each ) = $2000 iv. Yearly Infinity Bonus = $5,000 v. Loan Up To = $44,000 vi. 5% Of Your $12,000 Total Stage Five Earnings Will Be Paid To Your Sponsor = $600. This is the last Stage. Then it is completed, you will be re- entered back to Stage Five and earn total of $12,000 and other Incentives all over again. This will continue up to Six Times. That is : Stage Five Earnings - $12,000 X 6 = $72,000 OTHER INCENTIVES : i. Housing Fund = $44,000 X 6 ii. All Expense Paid International Trip To Any Country Of Your Choice X 6 iii. Education Fund For Two Of Your Kids ( $1,000 Each ) = $2000 X 6 iv. Yearly Infinity Bonus = $5,000 X 6 v. Loan Up To = $44,000 x 6 vi. 5% Of Your $12,000 Total Stage Five Earnings Will Be Paid To Your Sponsor = $600 X 6 After completing Stage Five Six Times, you will then be promoted to TRUSTEE or DIRECTOR STAGE.lets work as a team it will be easier for us FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT:HELPINGHANDSINTERNATIONAL.BIZ/PROMCHIN OR CALL 08138975949,08120571368

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Helping Hands International (best MLM Ever) ...

Helping Hands International is a Japan Based charity organization that is involved in charity organization, and hence they have expanded their horizon by moving down to Africa (Nigeria). With their unbeatable compensation plan, we all will experience an MLM no never before. THIS IS NO BOARD SYSTEM! NO BREAK AWAY !! NO SPLITTING !!!. COMPENSATION PLAN Our Unbeatable compensation plan is a Forced 2x 2 and 2 x 5 Matrix marketing System, where every member is required to refer 2 members each, every additional sign ups(referrals) will cause a spill over making the matrix to fill faster. It is a follow me matrix with spill over and spill under effect. With our innovative marketing plan members earn in 5 different stages and as they progress from stage to stage they earn and get life changing rewards Entry fee is a onetime payment of $40, sponsorship bonus of 20% is paid to members who refer any paid member, that is to say $8 is paid to anyone who signs up another with his referral link. Members can refer as many new members as they can, by so doing they earn more money and it also help to cause a spill over in their network. This compensation plan consist of 5 stages of payment, stage one is a 2 x 2 feeder matrix, stage 2,3, 4 is 2 x 5 matrix and lastly stage 5 is another 2 x 2. THIS IS NO BOARD SYSTEM! NO BREAK AWAY !! NO SPLITTING !!!. It is simply a forced matrix which has a spill over and spill under effect. The 5 stages are; Stage 1 is called ASSOCIATE Stage 2 is called MASTER Stage 3 is called SUPER MASTER Stage 4 is called MINISTER And Stage 5 is called PRIME MINISTER Stage 1 - Associate ASSOCIATE is a 2 x 2 matrix which serves as a feeder matrix, feeding stage 2 to stage 5 of this compensation plan. when the 2 x 2 get filled, You automatically promoted to stage 2 likewise everybody on the board, once their matrix is filled they get promoted to stage 2 which is a 2 x 5 matrix and they are paid as they progress. A referral bonus of $16 is paid for introducing 2 or $48 for introducing 6 new members, Plus matrix bonus of $10 paid when the 2 x 2 matrix get filled. So you earn either $26 or $58 as the case nay be. Every member start their own matrix occupying the top position, even if they are part of their up line's matrix. REFERRAL BONUS(FOR 2) == $ 16 Stage 1 MATRIX BONUS == $10 Total bonus paid in stage 1= $26 Stage 2 - Masters Matrix. This is the first 2 x 5 matrix and everybody here must have passed through the feeder matrix – the ASSOCIATE stage. And because it is a follow me matrix, anybody underneath you in your matrix can jump from under to cause a spill under to fill till the up-uplink matrix; Stage 2 matrix bonus is $1000 cash, earnings paid from level 1-5 of matrix Stage – Level 1 = Nil Level 2---- $100, Level 3 – 200$, Level 4 = $300 Level 5 - $400 Total MATRIX BONUS = $1000 Additional incentives when the matrix is filled, A LAPTOP. A CUG PHONE - on process with a reliable Telecommunication company 10% Matching bonus to uplink As you get promoted to stage3. Since matrix bonus paid out when stage2 filled up is $1000, Your uplink gets 10% ($100) simultamously. Stage 3 – Super Masters Matrix This is the second 2 x 5 matrix, as you complete stage 2, stage 3 is formed with you on top starting the 2 x 5 matrix. The matrix bonus paid out in this stage is $3000 breaking down into – $200 in level1 $300 in level2 $500 in level 3 $500 – level4 $1500 – level 5 MATRIX BONUS TOTAL = $3,000 A total of $3000 is paid out in this stage, and as this is happening your position is automatically changed to occupy the top position of stage4. You will be paid $3000 matrix bonus, while your uplink gets $150 - 5% matching bonus Additional Incentives: 1st brand new car (Hyundai)-- $10,000 Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each) ---- $2,000. 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ---- $150 Stage 4- Minister This is the last stage of 2 x 5 matrix, you are positioned here, starting from the top of the matrix, the matrix get filled downward from level1to level 5 and as each level gets filled you are paid from level to level causing cash flow for you and others. The matrix bonus here is $6000, $3000 paid from level 1-4 and the balance of $4000 is paid when the matrix is completed. What a cash generating system! Here is the levels breakdown; Level 1 = $300 Level 2 = $300 Level 3 = $500 Level 4 = $900 Level 5 = $4000 TOTAL = $6,000 Matching bonus of 5% =$300 is paid to uplink automatically. Additional Incentives: Executive car (Hyundai Jeep) --- over $27,000 Empowerment for 1 Motherless Home Interest FREE Loan (up to $12,000) – on request 5% Matching Bonus to uplink --- $ 300. Stage 5 – Prime Minister This is the last stage of our compensation plan and it's a 2 x 2 forced matrix with a spill over and spill under, when you completes stage4, you are promoted to start this 2 x 2 matrix with you on top. The bonus in this stage is $12,000 and its paid in 2 levels: Level 1 = $2,000 Level 2 = $ 10,000 Total = $12,000 5% matching bonus of $600 is paid to up link. Additional Incentives Housing fund -$40,000. All Expense paid Int'l Trip Educational Fund ( $2,000.) Yearly Infinity Bonus ($5,000). 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600). Elite Club members Loan (Up to 44,000) You earn and collect the incentives above over and over and over again as you complete each re-entry. (reentry fee = $500) Here, immediately the Prime Minister's matrix is completed, YOU are re-entered again into stage 5 Matrix, a re-entry fee of $500 is automatically deducted from your earnings to position you for another round of payment, incentives, plus qualify for more benefits. You will need another 6 followers to collect another round of entitlement. Now each time you emerged as a "Prime Minister" after completing the matrix, You are automatically re-entered back into the existing stage 5 matrix with 3 existing members on it. You come under from the left hand side as number 4 on the 2nd level of the matrix (your downlinks), whereas on your dashboard you are on top of your matrix with 2 stars **, indicating 2nd tenure on Prime Minister's stage (Bleep-3stars- indicating 3rdtenure) until you have 6 stars(******) To get involved successfully, please call 08138975949 or for more info please visit

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football betting system which guarantee you a profit

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Whether you're a hardcore gambler, a sport enthusiast, or just someone of no interests in betting or sports but wants to make a pile of extra cash every day doing the easiest job in the world, you'll absolutely fall in love with what I'm about to spill to you. Several times a week, I’d log into my online sports book account and make bets on the particular teams that I’ve statistically calculated to have an exceptionally high chance of betting success. Each win often pulls in over $50 into my account. Not bad for a 5-minute job!

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to make these revolutionary systems available to a limited number of individuals. You have the golden opportunity today to cash in on the most incredible sports betting system ever. I’ve never been a fan of exaggeration, and I vigorously hate any hype that’s blown up beyond its rational proportions. But I make no overstatements when I say that my monster sport betting system is truly unmatched in its winnings. The truth will surprise you just as much as it surprised me on how successful it has become. I win over 98% of the sport bets I place, and have stockpiled a mountain of unthinkable fortune on them over the years!

The more success I had with my betting system, the more I felt the urge to share my remarkable experience. The greatest secret of betting profiteering struck me one day after years of scrupulous research. I practically skyrocketed my bankroll overnight, and over the course of the next few years, turned my ingenious discovery into a sadistic cash generating machine. It's the next best thing to a written license for printing money! sport betting literally spoon-fed me with piles of job-ending cash. Once I teach you my incredible insider betting method, nothing on the planet will become as easy and simple to make such jaw-dropping amounts of earnings for so little time spent, regardless of your budget, regardless of where you live, regardless of your knowledge or experience level. Since day 1 of putting my system to the test, I’ve made over $1,000 from my on-the-side hobby – and still climbing higher by the minute each day. Whether you love sports and betting or just an average person looking to make extra cash, this is the kind of astounding success you can expect to achieve over the upcoming years.

Here's what you can expect from my one-of-a-kind sport betting system:

My red-hot sports betting system has nothing to do with progressive betting, parlays, arbitrage, betting on both sides of the line or any of such rubbish gimmicks.

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My lifetime of picks emailed to you at no cost!

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The E-Book is valued at N10,000 but i am giving it away to the first 10 people at the cost of N5,000, to order for the ebook


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Start your own online/offline business today and Become your own boss

Many people who own their own businesses, they have found that working for themselves is far more rewarding than working for others. But, they’ll also probably tell you that it’s a lot more work. Everyone wants to earn money by using as less effort as possible. The very easy way of earning money is start your own online business. But it is easy in term that you don’t have to put in much of physical labor but nevertheless you have to be spot on with your decisions. You have to put in some mental effort in the work. But to start up your own business you have to learn the basics first and then take each step one by one rather than going for all at once.

The first questions which you must ask yourself before starting up the business are: you must keep in mind is the type of audience you are targeting? This is a very important point which you must always keep in mind before starting any business. It can significantly improve the overall performance of your business and can also lead to downfalls if not executed properly.

The second question are you ready to start the business? Have you prepared yourself mentally for the new position? You will be the one to take all decisions and you have to handle all the deals. This is the one reason why many people choose to start their own business but this can easily back fire on you and can drive you crazy. At the start you have to handle thousands of questions and have to take many decisions in very little time. This is the most testing time for most of the people and if you pass this stage successfully than its more likely that you will succeed in your business.

The third question is that you will definitely need some type of help at some point. You may need some advice, some tool or information. You can face unexpected things at any point of time. How will you handle these real time situations? What you have to keep in mind is that no business is perfect and therefore loss and profit is part of every business. So you should always try to work on support system while you are working so that you can get it at the time of need.

Finally,about your plan and strategy. You have to decide about the infrastructures you will need before you start up the work. Whether you have to make use of internet or you go for more traditional approach. Are you going to work full time or part time? There are a number of ways that individuals can own their own business: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.Some forms of ownership, like partnerships and S-corporations, have their business year end at the same time as individuals do: December 31, or the end of the calendar year. However, C-corporations can choose when their year ends. This could amount to a large difference as far as taxes are concerned. “Incorporation” doesn’t mean a huge building with hundreds of employees, with you at the helm of a multinational enterprise.


How to Start a Business With Little Or No Start-Up Capital

But the fact is that achieving the goal of starting and running a business can be very hard if you choose to do so through the traditional business model, because this approach will usually involve putting a lot of money up front and a sometimes complicated planning process that would otherwise increase the risk of failure.

You can avoid all this hassle and still expect to have a sustainable and profitable business, because nowadays, with the today's technologically dominated enviroment, it has become quite easy to reach a large number of costumers with little work and a small budget, using only a computer and an internet connection.

And since any business you choose is only as successful as the amount of people you can reach, approaching the idea of a new business apart from the traditional business is certainly the way to go.

So, can you actually start a business with little or no start up capital?

Yes you can but first of all, you have to get yourself into the online business arena, which means focusing your efforts as an entrepreneur on internet based methods and strategies for revenue generation. This will allow you to execute your business right from your computer without the need special equipment, location or personnel.

There are many ways to start an online business thus gradually creating a significant stream of income. Among those, my personal favorites are internet marketing and online trading.

Internet marketing on one hand requires little to no money to start and it is a business that you can easily scale up to any size you want by using the power of automation the internet provides. You will be doing exactly what any other business owner would do, only you will be spared the heavy expenses and the complicated business structure.

In this business you generate revenue by learning how to obtain the best placement within the search engines thus pulling traffic to your landing pages (which can be a blog, a website or a lens), so once you achieve this it will run pretty much on autopilot. Definitely one of the most cost effective ways of building a significant sream of income fast.

The other profitable way to start a business with a little up front cost is online trading. As you may know, all the online trading involves investing in the currency exchange market, so you will certainly need some money to start doing this as a business. However, given the profit potential of forex, you will need only a small amount of money to start, and from there you will be able to benefit from the compounding effect inherent to any capital investment.

If you educate yourself and put your hands on proven-to-work tools and resources, you will be able to start a successful online business with little or no capital within any of these to areas, with the potential for it to become your main source of income within a year or can start a business with little or no start up costs. In this article, I will give you some examples of these types of businesses.

How about selling your photography online? There are various websites that will allow you to sell your photography through them. These sites will also let you have your own gallery page, where you can list your items for sale. Sites such as these, will usually cost you nothing in start up costs. The catch is that sites like these will take a very large portion of your commission. Sometimes as much as ninety percent. So, look at it this way. Sell a million photos and make a million dollars.

how about blogging? and lots more,keep in touch for more on business with little or no start up capital.

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Liberty Reserve steady income stream is good for you as a person. I have discovered that one of the very strong areas of our lives is finances and funny enough, most people know little or nothing about the subject of money and finances in
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Before I go ahead into the full details of what we want to talk about here, there
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LibertyReserve Steady Income System
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To get started just copy this whole page and paste it in your notepad or e-mail compose mail. Simply follow the instructions below and in 2 to 3 weeks, you will have as much as $35,000 dollars in your liberty Reserve account or even more. Most people respond to this program because of the low investment ($10 dollars) and high profit potential. There is no limit to the income you can generate from this (you can do it over and over). If you follow the instructions, you will reach thousands of people! Honesty, Faith, and Integrity make this system work. I think everyone has heard of LIBERTY RESERVE. Anyone can open an account for F*R*E*E*! If you're not already a Liberty reserve account holder, the first thing you need to do is sign up.
It's really easy to setup and its F*R*E*E*!!! Simply click on 'Liberty Reserve’ link below; Hghlight the link,copy and paste on your web browser.
Click on "Create Account" located at the top of Liberty Reserve page. Then follow their simple directions.

To fund your LIBERTY RESERVE account or change your LIBERTY RESERVE
money to physical cash you have to go to an exchanger at 'BUY/SELL LR'by the left hand-side of the Liberty Reserve site.
Liberty Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the world.
You can find exchangers in your country at Google when searching with
Google type ‘Liberty reserve exchanger' of your country as keyword.
You can fund your Liberty reserve account if your currency is for example 'NAIRA' at or htt://
You can use epaymonster
Visit their website at Follow their instructions.
If you find it difficult, call me to assist you.
Now this is the list of Liberty Reserve ID and E-mails you are going to work with:
1. U6484404
2. U1428190
3. U5258031

Log in to your Liberty Reserve account on a separate page. Go to your account section and click transfer or donate $5 to the first person's and $5 to the fourth person's account.
Send an email to the 1st person email address. Just write 'PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST' then send. Also send email to the 3rd person email address. Just write 'I HAVE JOINED' then send
Now highlight, copy and paste this whole page on your 'composed mail' in your mail box
Edit it by deleting or stroking off the first person's Liberty Reserve ID and e-mail address.
Re-number it so that the second person becomes the 1st, 3rd person becomes the 2nd, while you insert your own Liberty Reserve account ID and e-mail address on the 3rd position.
REMEMBER, this is done after you have donated to the 1st and the 3rd person before you re-number them.
Send or forward the message to many people as you like so by the time your ID and email address gets to the 1st position, thousands of dollars must have rolled into your Liberty Reserve account.
Offer your respondents any assistance you can. Remember that their success is your success! Act fast. That increases the excitement and potential. We are all Online. That is all there is to it. When your name reaches POSITION 1 from fourth level, it will be your turn to collect from a thousand or more people. Honesty, team-work, and accountability are the key features, which make this program so effective. Be sure to copy this page entirely and omit nothing. Members have been reporting an INCREDIBLE 75% returns from prospects.
IMPORTANT: Please give same-day-service to all enquiries and responses received. Believe in this program - it WILL work for you, but you MUST work and apply all outlined strategies for it to be really effective. Look forward to your success, it will be there! Remember also the power of team-work - all of us together can achieve remarkable success. E-mail me with any questions, or if I can help you out in any way. As you are well aware, your success is important to me! Take care and Good Luck with your promotions!
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