Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. Make Money From Your Hobbies

Are you an expert at something that you do at home for fun?

Then make it pay off for you! If you’re a gourmet cook, give

cooking lessons in the haut cuisine. If you’re an accomplished

painter in oils or water-color, offer a portrait-painting

service. If you’re a skilled carpenter, design and make custom

cabinets to order. Almost any hobby you’re good at can be

turned to making a profit if you think about it carefully, and

decide who could use your expertise - as a consultant in that

field, if nothing else. All you really have to do to get

started is to place an ad!
2. Publish a Part Time Jobs Directory

Make this a newsstand book, as well as offering it, with small

ads, by mail order. List all the possible jobs people can get

part-time, especially angling it at college kids on vacation,

teachers after school hours, housewives with time on their

hands, and moonlighters looking for part-time second jobs.
3. Be an Instructor

Teach whatever you know. Your trade, profession, cooking

skills, a second language, woodworking, chess, photography,

knitting, karate, bridge, auto repair, etc. People will pay for

good lessons in these useful and enjoyable skills
4. Operate a Key-Safety Service

Each customer is sold a special tag to put on his or her key

ring. It says “Drop in any mailbox” and has the address of a
post office box that you rent (Don’t use your home address for

the same reason your customers shouldn’t have their home address

on their keys - dishonest people finding the keys will come

prowling around). You assign each customer’s tag a code number

from a list that you keep. When someone’s keys arrive at your

post office box, you return them to him, for another fee.
5. Be a Local News Correspondent

For big city papers some distance from your town. When an event

occurs in your area you write the story for those papers (they

have correspondents in many big places but not in most small

towns or isolated areas) and they pay you for it. This is known

as being a “stringer”. If you’re good with a camera, take

photos to accompany the story.
6. Start a Mail-Order Business

Write a booklet about something people really want to know

about, print a few hundred copies, and place some small ads.

You’d be surprised how much money you can make. Sell modern

copies of out-of-print uncopyrighted material or books. Or sell

something unusual you make at home, providing that it is

something really useful to your prospective customers. Or sell

some of your ideas such as #2 badges, #37 genealogy, and others
7. Be a Used Car Buying Consultant

With a knowledge of cars, plus the proper test equipment (for

checking the engine, transmission, brakes, font-end alignment
and chassis), you go with your customer to check out the used

car he is thinking of buying. Advertise your service next to

the ads offering used cars for sale. After a while you will get

to know people in this field and you can pick up more money by

acting as a middleman in sales between private individuals.


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